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 Moscow . A class.

Nikolay represents the sport school for children "Northern". In his sled he will use the dogs of breed Siberian Husky.
".... it is no coincidence that I’m in this sport. Everything goes from my childhood. My ancestors are hereditary hunters, they store up a fur ... and most vivid childhood memory is a lot of dogs in inaccessible place ... the cargo sled. .. not the same as our racing sleds .. Certainly I drove on dogs in my childhood... Sew a primitive harness. But childhood is over and the search for new living experiences led me to the armed forces .. I was in Kazan Suvorov Military School ... then I flew in the Caucasus, Stavropol ... everything is always been associated with sport .... I was a good skier ....Then I was on the Kola Peninsula and then there.. on the ground of Murmansk I became to feel the the passion for long transition ... the dogs were mainly hunting and there were no difference from huskies, they  were a constant companions in a night in the snow and helped pull the dead moose ..... Then together with dying aviation my career ends as a military pilot and in 1934 I'm a military retiree. A new life begins ... again ...Because of the serious illness of my daughter I moved to Moscow, first as a guest worker then like a legitimate resident .  In a Tver region (Deserted Village), I had the three horses and other rural living creatures, also there were dogs, our favorite Huskies and Alaskans and Huskywolfs .... Gradually I formed a team of dogs. There were the first competitions. But performances were not always successful, it’s difficult to win at 46 years old on the sprint distances.... Now thanks to Vyacheslav Demchenko and his club I'm involved in so serious and promising race ... and I hope to organize by myself something similar... (c) N Rudakov
Nikolay won the first place among the Siberian Husky in racing, "Explorers-2011".


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