St. Petersburg, SJ2
She began her relationship with the sleddogs sports with the appearance of her first dog in 2007. Siberian Husky Magvay, and a year later, Siberian Husky Zeus and Alaskan Malamute Irridium become true partners for Vita in sleddogs sports. The racing life began from the listening the seminars and visits to trainings to experienced Russian and foreign athletes.

So in the life of Vita entered this global love and passion for sleddogs sports, which completely changed her life. Starting with their dogs in recent years, Vita has united a large number of adherents, which formally can be called a Sports club. The main team consists of malamutes. Vita was able to see in these slow-moving giants, the passion to run and she started a fire in their eyes. Trainings are held in the Leningrad region in the north (Toksovo) and in the south (Gatchina). 

In sleddogs sports a priority for Vita is a positive outlook and work together in tandem, dog and the man. Starting with sprint races and keep actively participating in them, the main work is the training for middle-distance races - a thrilling adventure where you pass through the real snow, real passion and weariness, sharing all the hardships and joys with the dogs.
Chernaya Vita is the participant and the winner of such races as: CR RKF 2010, races of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region: White Nights, CR 2011, Nord Sprint in 2010 where she won first place at the Alaskan Malamute in 2 dogs and 3 dogs classes, and second place in the 4 dogs classes among Siberian Huskies - all in one day!
Vita acts in such disciplines as: bikejoring, dogsleds 2 and 4 dogs classes. Also she  is actively developing skijoring.