B class.

Kristina is one of the leading trainers and mushers of Sports Club Rifus.
She started to practice the Riding Sport in 2008, setting in front of her a difficult task - the preparation and presentation of the sleddog teams for mid-class distances.
Thoughtfully and systematically  she continues to approach its goal.
Kristina is a classical one-man band. Veterinary and social education, graduate work in extreme tourism, the barman of 3rd category. There are such landmarks at her path of life as the leading specialist operational and technical controls, the operator of extreme travel tours and now she is a manager Japanese confectionery!
In riding sport Kristina has shown herself as a competent competitor, a good coach and a great organizer.
The first serious experience in riding sport she received in late 2008 - early 2009 in preparation for the race "Northern Hope".
In January 2010, Kristina became one of the organizers of the charity race in the Arkhangelsk region helping the October’s orphanage and Kizemskoy’s school of the correction.
In March 2010, she organized a "pilot" project «Kalevala 2010».
Kristina is the participant and winner of many races held in the territory of Russia.
Now this fragile girl trains a team of six powerful males of Siberian Husky, two of whom are her own dogs.
In Sport Club Rifus Voznuyk Kristina is responsible for the social aspect of riding sport as well as for the development of mid-class direction. Her team consists of Matisse, Ray, Utes, West, Fyord and Reef.