Skijoring - one dog, St. Petersburg

Alexander is a newcomer in riding sport. He is in it thanks to Belyaev Nikolay - the winner of the North of Hope 2009 in the category skijoring. Alexander’s dogs are young. Kalevala 2011 is their third competition. Alexander is a participant of the North of Hope 2011, took second position in the category of extreme skijoring. Also he took a first position on Russian Championship in Toksovo in thoroughbred classification, third in the championship of St. Petersburg in the discipline skijoring.
Alexander is a graduate of State University of Physical Culture by P.S. Lezgaft. He works in the field of industrial alpinism. Alexander and his wife Anastasia Kuligina participate in the summer multisport competitions, also they are addicted to cycling.
Alexander starts this race with his pet of a breed of Siberian Husky – Upaut.