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Night is his first (and one) dog. The dog of the breed Siberian husky was demanded by his teenage daughter. For a young romantic "Elf"- girl, who can even shot at that time from the bow, for the full happiness was necessary a "blue-eyed wolf." A puppy of 4 months old just right in the coming weekend was taken on a walk for 25 km. Night was surprisingly cheerful and sturdy dog, since than she accompanies Alexander on foot, water, skiing, biking and even mountain hikes.
Alexander works as a researcher at the Research Center "Kurchatov Institute". He loves to run and to ski, preferring long distances. He does it for himself, for fun, that’s why he is not a frequent participant in the competitions.
Alexander is a participant and leader of ski trips in the Carpathians, Karelia, Trans-Baikal, Sayan Mountains, on the Polar and Polar Urals. Also he is a participant in mountain trekking and climbing in the Caucasus, Pamir and Pamir-Alai. He drives snowboard very well.
Prizewinner of the competition in the riding sport: Skijoring in Romashkovo (2009) and in Gatchina (2010), canicross - Dryland Rifus SC (2010)
Alexander is a polyglot. He speaks several European languages: English, German, Italian, Ukrainian, and Slovak. One of the latest achievements of Alexander is a passage of "hundreds of Demetrius" paired with his Night.