How to get to the race «KALEVALA 2011»

Sled dog race held in Russia, in Karelia, in the village of Kalevala, st. Vyanemeynena the tourist base "Welt".
The closest points from the Finnish-Russian border to Kalevala are  in northern Finland.
1. Kuusamo city. From Kuusamo to the border at about 50 km. The turn from the main road is marked Paajarvi RUS. From the Finland the is called Kortesalmi. It works from 08:00 to 20:00 (Finnish time) or from 09:00 to 21:00 (Moscow time). At the crossing point are practically no queues. Please, before crossing the border, two days before tell about your plans to race organizers to communicate to the Russian customs of your route. It is necessary because the veterinary control will come to this point. If there is not a veterinary control at the day of your arrival , you may be sent to another crossing point.
Further, after about 50 km there will be a township Pyaozerskiy (Paajarvi). There is a stable mobile connection of the Russian operators MegaFon and MTS. After the township Pyaozerskiy follow at about 8 km and you will see the village Tungozero. Before the village you should turn right and drive around the village. Attention! There is not the road sign. Just right after the last house in the village Tungozero there is a wide road turns on the right. Turn to 90 degrees. Till Kalevala is at about 72 km. Be careful! There are a lot of sharp turns with descents. Pay attention to the speed limit before the turns. This stretch of road has mobile communication only by 14 km from the Kalevala. Be careful - it's Russian roads. There are many wells. This is country road.
After crossing the border in territory of Russia the first gas station is in 5 km from the border. The second gas station is in the township Pyaozerskiy. The time of work: 08:00 – 21:00. Gas station is in village Kalevala.  It works around the clock.
2. City Kuhmo. From Kuhmo to border less than 100 km. From Finland the transition point is called Vartius. The nearest Russian city – Kostomuksha (Kostomus)
The time of work of the transition point from 08:00 am by 20:00 pm (Finnish time) or from 09:00 am by 21:00 pm (Moscow time). There are big queues on transition point. Have always in a stock 1,5 – 2 hours. Veterinary control works constantly. Further follow about 35 km to city Kostomuksha. There are stable mobile communication of the Russian operators the Megaphone and MTS. There are a lot of gas station.
From Kostomuksha you have to take the direction to the village Voknavolok. If you go from the border and youdo not come to the city Kostomuksha, you have to turn to the left on a traffic light. Further follow about 10 km on the main road till the index “Kalevala 145 km”. Along the line to Kalevala you will pass village Voknavolok (stable mobile communication). Then about 30 km to village Vojnitsa.
On the way are many abrupt turns, ascents and descents. In village Vojnitsa there is no mobile communication. At departure from village Vojnitsa last house is the roadside cafe. After less than 100 meters there is a sharp turn to the right. It is road on Kalevala. There is an index to “till Kalevala 52 km”. The mobile communication is in 15 km from Kalevala.
You have entered the village Kalevala. It does not matter through what checkpoint follow the main road for less than 2 km. There will be a crossroads. The main road curves to the left. You have to stay on it. Pass less than 1 km. Right along the road will have three three-storey houses made of gray brick. Between the second and the third house, turn right into backyards of these houses. You will see a 2-storey hotel "Welt". It is located on the shore of the lake. Go to the reception. Here you will be given a card or to accompany the tourist center of "Welt" which will host the race. From the hotel, another 4 km.

Good journey across Russia!
Bon voyage!