What do you have to know about dogs if you come from EU.

Without special permission of Rosselkhoznadzor you can’t import more than 2 dogs. If you have a team of 6 dogs and you want to avoid a long execution of permission to enter on the territory of Russia your dogs must be accompanied by 3 people.
On each dog should be issued an international passport (blue). The passport must have a bar-code with information about the microchip.
Every dog should have a microchip. Till to 03.07.2011 instead of the microchip, you can use the tattoo. Information about the tattoo should be entered in an international passport dog.
Each dog must be vaccinated against rabies (rabies), plague (Pestis carnivorum), hepatitis (Hepatitis infectiosa), viral enteritis (Parvovirus enteritis canum), adenovirus infection (Adenoviridae), parvovirus infection (Parvovirus), leptospirosis (Leptospirosis).
Vaccination should be made only after installation of the microchip. If done the opposite (first vaccine then CHIP), you must again make the vaccine. After the first vaccination qnd before crossing the Russian border must be at least 30 days. If you made a second vaccination, must be at least 14 days. For a reverse entry in the EU after vaccination before crossing the border must be at least 21 days.
All information about vaccination should be marked in an international passport.
Leaving Russia for EU countries you must obtain in the veterinary organization and fill out a questionnaire that will be checked on the border. These documents will be prepared by the organizers before your departure.