Contest Rules

Please, provide correct contact information: name, email, contact phone and the country of residence.

Please, give your forecast:

  • choose 3 mushers from Sleds  (6-8 dogs) discipline 440 km, who you think will take the top 3 places;
  • choose 3 mushers from Skijoring  (2 dogs) discipline 440 km, who you think will take the top 3 places;

There are some additional options: you can win some more points by making poston Facebook about this contest.

Another nice option: download the Auto GRAPH Mobile for your Android and follow up the race with your smart phone or a pad.

The winner of the contest will be the one who:

1 Have registered and sent form on the website starting from  00:00 04.03.2014 till 09:00 10.03.2014.

2 Provided the correct nesessary details.

3 Gave the most accurate forecast about the results of the KALEVALA race.

4 Made the posts in Facebook.

5 There will be 2 winners of the contest

Defining the winner:

1 The forecasting will be close dat 09:00 10.03.2014.

2 The summing up will be ended at 12:00 on 17.03.2014.

3 The winners will be defined by comparing the forecasts with the real mushers' s coring. 

4 The main points will be given for:


I place – 3 points

II place – 2 points

III place – 1 point.

Additional points will be given for posting the information on Facebook.

5. If 3 or more contestants will have the same amount of points, the winner will be defined by the sum of the additional points, given for reposting the original post from the participant's page on Facebook.

6. Two contestants with the biggest amount of points will get the prizes!!!