Report on Race

 The 3rd International SledDog Race «KALEVALA 2012» on 440 km
Official information:
Place: Russia, Republic of Karelia, Kalevala National Region, Kalevala.

Date: March 09-16, 2012
  • Travel Company «Welt-Karelia trips», township Kalevala, Republic of Karelia
Supported by:
  • Administration of the municipal district of Kalevala,
  • Administration of township Kalevala,
  • Karelian Federation of Sleddog Sport,
  • Ministry of youth affairs, physical culture, sports and tourism of the Republic of Karelia
Race Sponsors:
  • Primary Sponsor - Travel Company «Welt-Karelia trips»,
  • Media Sponsor – Zoo TV,
  • Telecommunication partner – LLC “TachnoCom”,
  • Telecommunication partner - JSC "Megaphone",
  • Partner – Royal Canin,
  • Partner – Berry of Karelia,
  • Partner – Karelian branch of JSC “Rostelecom”.
Sponsors of International Canistherapy Forum:
  • Primary Sponsor - Travel Company «Welt-Karelia trips»
  • Sponsor – JSC “Energy Retail Company”
  • Partner – Sleddog Sports Federation of St. – Petersburg
Race staff:
·         Terry Hinesly (Race Marshall)
·         Shumilovskiy Valeriy (Race Marshall assistant)
·         Bakunev Svyatoslav (judge)
·         Talanova Natalia (judge)
·         Tokuev Dmitriy (Race chief veterinarian)
·         Bakhteev Kamil (Race chief veterinarian assistant)
Trails Chief – Ozolin Edgar
Volunteer Brigade - "Karelian Center of volunteerism." Chief - Makovetskaya Daria.
Photo shooting: Uspenskaya Margarita and Mikhalchenkov Andrey
Video shooting: "Studio 1.0" head Sergei Rebreychuk

Foreign language interpreters:
·         Odintsova Anna
·         Alekseeva Irma
·         Spivak Veronika
Online broadcasting:
·         Gaslov Igor
·         Daeva Elena

Race theme «KALEVALA 2012» is «WORLD'S LEGENDS ADVENTURE THROUGH THE KALEVALA LAND».  Under the terms of the race, each participant should take with him/herself on all route the printing edition of national creativity of the country, the region or a nationality which he or she represents. Having done 440 km, racers with a donative inscription give the edition to the Museum of Rune singers of Kalevala.

Itinerary of the race: Total distance 440 km.
  • Route number 1 - 100 km.
  • Route number 2 - 142 km. Drivers pass this route for 2 days. Spending the night in the village Haikola;
  • Route number 3 - 198 km. Drivers pass this route for 3 days. Spending the night in the village Voinitsa and farm Hiame.
Trails pass in the historical places, connected with creation of the epic «Kalevala», with a cultural and historical heritage of northern Karelia: township Kalevala, village Voinitsa, village Haikola, farm Hiame, etc.

Breeds of dogs of the participants: Any breed.
Skijoring (competitor + 1 or 2 dogs)
Skijoring (competitor 2 dogs)
Dogsleds (6-8 dogs)
  • First day: March 8, 2012
On the territory of the tourist Welt base there was an obligatory veterinary control with marking of dogs. Veterinarian control was headed under the instructions of the Race chief veterinarian – Tokuyev Dmitry (Kostroma) and the Race chief assiatant – Bakhteev Kamil (Yaroslavl). More than 150 dogs were marked.

At 16.00 in a conference hall of the Administration of Kalevala the organizational meeting passed. 32 participants were registered from three countries: Finland, Germany and Russia. Russia was represented by racers from Moscow, the Moscow region, St. - Petersburg, the Leningrad region, Kostomuksha (Republic of Karelia), Perm and Irkutsk.
All important details of the forthcoming events were announced for race participants. According to toss-up, each racer received starting number and a tracker (a mini recorder. Thanks to this little device we can follow online to the race during all days of the Race).

At 20.00 solemn evening of racers took place. On an official part of action Race guests and participants were greeted by the Deputy of minister of the ministry of youth, physical culture, sports and tourism of the Republic of Karelia – Shorokhov Evgeny and the Head of the township Kalevala – Dryuchin Alexander.
Race Marshall Terri Hinesly, in a festive atmosphere, swore in impartial refereeing. The deputy of minister of the ministry of youth, physical culture, sports and tourism of the Republic of Karelia – Shorokhov Evgeny handed over Terri Hinesly an award of the Race Marshal of "KALEVALA 2012".
After there was a buffet for Race guests and participants.

  • Second day: March 9, 2012
10.00 In the start-up area , which was placed in the center of the township Kalevala, the spectators began to gather. More than 1,500 people from the city of Petrozavodsk, Kostomuksha, Kalevala, Kem’, Louhi, the White Sea, Segezha, Muezersky regions of the Republic of Karelia, Murmansk and Murmansk region came to the start of the race «KALEVALA 2012", which was officially declared as an event of national importance.
In the start-up area everyone had an opportunity to meet and be photographed with the main heroes of the race - the dogs, to talk to drivers, to try the national Karelian pastries, to dance, to take part in a people's merrymaking.
12.00 Ceremony of solemn opening of the race "KALEVALA 2012" began. Racers and the audience were greeted by the head of administration of the Kalevala region – Bulavtseva V, the deputy minister of the ministry of youth s, physical culture, sports and tourism of the Republic of Karelia – Shorokhov Evgeny other officials.
Under sounds of solemn music race participants came on the square of the starting town. Every participant was under the flag of the country or the region that he/she represented. Afterwards, accompanied by group of the snowmobiles decorated with flags of the race "KALEVALA", on a dog team with the lit torch passed the Race Marshal - Terri Hinesly and Voznyuk Kristina. Having stepped on the stage, the marshal of race greeted all audience and participants. The beginning of the race "KALEVALA 2012" symbolized ignition of nine torches and a raising of a flag of race. Tyuryumin Oleg and Bespalov Sergey – winners of “KALEVALA 2011” had an opportunity to hoist the flag of competition.
Race start was declared!
On the start line there were 14 racers of dogsleds team: 8, 6, 4 dogs and 18 participants of discipline of skijoring.
For discipline of skijoring start was paired with an interval of 1 minute.
Mushers of dogsleds started with an interval of two minutes.
According to the itinerary of Race Prologue in 400 meters after the start, the trail goes through the lake Middle Kuitto on which mushers had to overcome more than 10 km. Even before the start the weather conditions in the township Kalevala complicated the passage of the designated itinerary. That was the reason why several mushers chose a wrong way of direction. Due to personal location tracker mushers were identified and they were evacuated. By 16 o'clock all participants successfully finished.

At 17.00 in the Conference Hall of Kalevala was "An Evening with the Legends ". It was a meeting of sportsmen, residents and visitors of Kalevala with legends of sleddog sports. Terry Hinesly (world-famous American judge races in Alaska, "IDITAROD") and Vladimir Radivilov (winner of the race "Beringia" in Kamchatka in 1992 on 2044 km), shared their stories and experience in sleddog sports.

At 19.00 in the building of the District House of Culture for visitors and residents of the township of Kalevala a concert of rock group "Wormwood" was organized.

At 20.00 on the territory of tourist base "Welt," was the meeting of mushers, where the Race Marshal Terry Hinesly talked about the results of  the "Race-Prologue".
For participants of disciplines: Skijoring 100 km, Skijoring 440 km and Teams 440 km - the results of  "Race-Prologue" were canceled.

For participants of the "Race-Prologue" the results were valid:
Skijoring (1-2 dogs) - 3 stated participants
Teams (4 dogs) - 1 stated participant
Teams (6 dogs) - 2 stated participants

Only 4 stated participants passed the "Race Prologue".
Distance 23 km. Placements:
 Passing time
 # 5
 Demchenko Alexander
 # 43
 Talanova Natalia
 # 39
 Bakuneva Maria
 # 8
 Kralina Ekaterina
 # 18
 Troshina Anastasiya
 fall out
 # 40
 Ivanovich Yulia
  • Third day: March 10, 2012
Stage No. 1 (start/finish at township Kalevala), distance - 77 km; check point on 33 km.
11 teams and 15 participants of discipline Skijoring 100 km and Skijoring 440 km started.
Restart, interval of a team - 2 minutes, skijoring 1 minute.
There was an obligatory check of mandatory equipment for disciplines of Skijoring 100 km and Skijoring 440 km on check point. There were no remarks and violations.
For discipline of team 440 km, check of obligatory equipment was on the finish. There were no remarks and violations.
The participant of discipline skijoring 440 km – Sobov Sergey No. 9 fell out of the Race;
Machtina Elena No. 30 had a remark because of an incomplete set of mandatory equipment, according to item 21 of the Race Rules "KALEVALA 2012".
In the evening the results for discipline Skijoring 100 km were announced.
Only 3 of 4 stated participants passed the distance.
Placements in overall standings:
 Prize money
 Passing time
 15 000 rub (~ 350 euro)
 # 17
 Filippov Leonid
 10 000 rub (~ 240 euro)
 # 14
 Bukshin Denis
 5 000 rub (~ 120 euro)
 # 4
 Zhukova Ekaterina
 # 19
 Prokoshin Andrey
 fall out

Diplomas and memorable prizes from sponsors were handed over to all participants of discipline of Skijoring of 100 km. 
  • Fourth day: March 11, 2012
Stage No. 2 (start - township Kalevala, finish – farm Hyamya), distance - 60 km. Check point on 30 km.
(Historical information: The farm Hyamya – the ancient village about which the first mentions belong to 1762. At the beginning of XX century there were fifteen houses and about hundred inhabitants. The agriculture consisting in cultivation of a rye, oats, root crops, and also cattle breeding were the main occupations of inhabitants. Also ingabitants contained cows, horses and grazed deer. The additional income was brought by fishery and hunting. When the Great Patriotic War began in 1941, all population of the village was evacuated in rear areas of the Soviet Union, and the village was burned. The village wasn't restored more. Today there is only one family that lives on the farm HyamyaIt consists of 2 persons – Evseeva Galina and Victor).

11 teams and 10 participants of discipline of Skijoring 440 km started.
Restart, interval of a team - 2 minutes, skijoring - 1 minute.
Belorusets Arseny No. 32 (discipline of a team 440 km) fell out of the race;
On the finish at farm Hyamya, Tyuryumin Oleg No. 37 fell out of the Race because of the injuries of dogs. Oleg Tyuryumin's team is evacuated by organizers to the township Kalevala.
In the evening, after the finish of all participants on the farm Hyamya Race Marshal made an obligatory meeting of racers. 
  • Fifth Day: March 12, 2012
Stage No. 3 (start –farm Hyamya, finish – Voynitsa village), distance - 65 km. Check point on 32 km.
(Historical information: Voynitsa village – one of the villages of Rune singers, connected with epos "Kalevala" creation. There lived O. Malinen and V. Kiyelevyaynen's Rune singers. Ancient construction - Tanila's barn).
9 teams and 10 participants of discipline Skijoring 440 km started.
Restart, interval of a team - 2 minutes, skijoring - 1 minute.
On the 60th km of the Race Spiridonov Alexander No.2 fell out of the Race. 
  • Sixth Day: March 13, 2012
Stage No. 4 (start – Voynitsa village, finish – township Kalevala), distance - 64 km. Check point on 32 km.
9 teams and 9 participants of discipline skijoring started.
Restart, interval of a team - 2 minutes, skijoring 1 minute.
On the finish the examination of obligatory equipment was selectively.
Demchenko Vyacheslav No.36 had the prevention and the penalty of 30 minutes for the general time. Radivilov Vladimir No. 34 had a prevention too for an incomplete set of obligatory equipment, according to item 21 of the Race Rules  "KALEVALA 2012" .
Goryunov Yury No. 42 was disqualified according to item 19.1., III paragraph, Chapter 1, Race Rules of the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS). 
  • Seventh Day: March 14, 2012 (Day of rest for participants)
International Canistherapy Forum
Canistherapy is the therapy with use of dogs (from lat. «canis» - a dog). Around the world dogs help children with special needs.
The forum hasmore than 14professionals on Canistherapyfrom Moscow, Ivanovo, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Surgut, Czech Republic, Liberec.
Forum consisted of two parts: theory and practice.
On the theoretical part, each expert gave a presentation about their own practice and established methods.
On the second, practical part, experts of Canistherapy with their assistants - the dogs had therapy sessions for all interested guests who arrived from different regions of Karelia. 
  • Eighth day: March 15, 2012
Stage No. 5 (start – township Kalevala, finish –village Haykolya), distance - 70 km. Check point on 35 km.
(Historical note. Haykolya village is the birthplace of the national writer of Karelia Ortjo Stepanov. Village is situated on the island, where there are seven residential houses that were built at the end of 19th century. They survived thanks to the efforts of the writer Ortjo Stepanov and his family and the local residents. The ancestral home of the writer is still there and it attracts numerous visitors from Russia and many other countries . Kuzmin’s house is restored there with the traditions of folk architecture, described in the novel O.Stepanov "Relatives" entitled "Onton TALO." There is an ancient barn in this farmstead. These house and a barn were built in the spirit of folk traditions and give an idea of the wooden architecture of the Karelians. Near the Stepanov’s house is located a village cemetery. There are tombstones over graves that are different from similar monuments of other nations).
8 teams and 8 participants of discipline Skijoring 440 km started
Restatr, interval of a team - 2 minutes, skijoring - 1 minute.
On 20th km, in Kuusiniyemi's settlement Machtina Elena No. 30 fell out of the Race. Having finished a stage No. 5 in the village Haykolya, Yury Nirkov No. 35 fell out of the Race.
Both teams were evacuated in township Kalevala.
In the evening for all racers there was an excursion. Excursion was under the control of the keeper of an entail property of the writer Ortye Stapanov, O. Stepanov's son – Mikhail Stepanov.
Racers got acquainted with an exposition of instruments of labor of the Northern Karelian; with an exposition under the name "Store is no sore" - where suitcases and chests of different times and eras were presented; saw "Reading room" recreated in style of the 60th years of the XX century. 
  • Ninth Day: March 16, 2012
A stage No. 6 (start – village Haykolya, finish – township Kalevala), distance of 70 km. Check point on 35 km.
6 teams and 8 participants of discipline Skijoring 440 km started.
Restart, interval of a team - 2 minutes, skijoring - 1 minute.
There was an obligatory check of mandatory equipment of each participant after his/her finish.
Radivilov Vladimir No.34 had the prevention and the penalty of one hour for the general time according to item 21 of the Race Rules "KALEVALA 2012" .
In 20.00, in a building of regional Recreation center, there was the ceremony of rewarding and race closing. The program of closing began with a congratulation of the head of the township Kalevala – Dryuchin Alexander and the Head of the Kalevala national area – Filippov Gennady. With special delight, the audience met performance of ensemble of kantelist.
Pupils of Kalevala high school came to thank organizers for the organization of race. Anna Artemova as the head of youth handed over to organizers "Letter of thanks".
The official part was begun with the words of thanks to all those who took part in the implementation of the preparation of the race.
Organizers handed "Letters of thanks" to a team of trainers that prepared tracks and security throughout the race. That were : Sergei Satin, Sergei Shagray, Michael Kontcevoy, Michael Lupanov, Alexander Basanets, Potanin George, Fedor Romantsov.
To Judges, veterinary team, the team of on-line broadcasting, photo and video shooting teams, the organizers also presented the "Letters of thanks".

Under the solemn music each participant should go to the scene. Each racer was greeted with thunderous applause.
The first who started the ceremony were the people of Kalevala region and they established two prizes:
 - The category "People's Choice Award" was presented to the owner of the dog breed Siberian Husky named - Nochka, Pryanichnikov Alexander.
 - The prize in nomination "The most colorful musher" was awarded to Vladimir Radivilov.
Prizes in the nomination «For female courage», organizers handed over to three women, participants of the race "KALEVALA 2012" - Machtina Elena, Rybakova Julia, Chernaya Vita.
Ceremony of transfer of literary works from participants of race became the important and touching point of a celebration. In favor of the Kalevala museum of Rune Singers, to the real keeper of a museum – to Karkhunen Elena were transferred:
- Russian bylinas
- Fantastic stories of the Scandinavian writers
- Ural tales
- Mahabharata
- Bible
- Irkutsk fairy tales
- Kobzar
- Dog Kalevala
- Hostess of the Copper mountain
- Myths and legends of the Udmurt people
- The Lay of Igor’s Campaign
- A narration about Russian sportnsmen
- Mill of desires, etc
Rewarding of winners became the culmination of ceremony.
Prize-winning places in discipline Skijoring 440 km were: 

 Prize money
 Passing time
 110 000 rub (~ 2600 euro )
 # 12
 Bespalov Sergey
 75 000 rub (~ 1800 euro)
 # 15
 Belyaev Nikolay
 40 000 rub (~ 950 euro)
 # 16
 Lobanov Eduard
 For the 1,2,3 placements there were given the Cup made from karelian pine, hndwork. The author of design - Ozolin E., the master – Lukin V., gifts from sponsors.
 # 13
 Eduardov Alexander
 # 6
 Vshivtsev Kirill
 # 7
 Pryanochnikov Alexander
 35:21: 24
 # 10
 Kovalev Alexey
 # 11
 Chernaya Vita
 # 3
 Ribakova Yulia 
 fell outfrom stage # 4
 # 2
 Spiridonov Alexander
 fell outfrom stage # 3
 # 9
 Sobov Serget
 fell outfrom stage # 1

Prize-winning places in discipline Teams 440 km were:

 Prize money
 Passing time
 230 000 rub (~ 5500 euro)
 # 41
 Jussi Pietikainen
 150 000 rub (~ 3500 euro)
 # 36
 Demchenko Vyacheslav
  70 000 rub (~ 1700 euro)
 # 38
 Valeev Evgeniy
 For the 1,2,3 placements there were given the Cup made from karelian pine, hndwork. The author of design - Ozolin E., the master – Lukin V., gifts from sponsors.
 # 31
 Bragin Mikhail
 # 33
 Hess Michael
 # 34
 Radivilov Vladimir
 # 35
 Nirkov Yuriy
 fell outfrom stage # 6
 # 30
 Machtina Elena
 fell outfrom stage # 5
 # 42
 Goryunov Yuriy
 disqualfrom stage # 4
 # 37
 Tyuryumin Oleg
 fell outfrom stage # 3
 # 32
 Belorusets Arseniy
 fell outfrom stage # 2

All participants ofthe race“KALEVALA2012”were awarded with certificatesof participationand prizesfrom sponsors.

Results of “KALEVALA 2012”

    The race "KALEVALA 2012" - confirmed the status "International"
    The race "KALEVALA 2012" - confirmed the status «The event of national value»
    The race "KALEVALA 2012" - confirmed the status the "Most mass" race on long distances in the European part of Russia (Long-Distance)
    The race "KALEVALA 2012" - provided the declared distance in 440 km, prepared according to the international standards
    The race "KALEVALA 2012" - the unique regular race in the world for discipline of Skijoring on long distances (Long-Distance)
    The race "KALEVALA 2012" - the unique Sleddog Race in Russia that provided money prize of 700 000 rubles (~ 17 500 euro).