Berry of Karelia

The industrial company «Berry of Karelia» - the enterprise of a full cycle of processing of forest and garden berries first in Russia – from electronic clearing and sorting of berries before release of fruit-berry squash, jam and confiture. Karelia is a unique territory of the Northwest of Russia where the big territories of non-polluting woods in which northern berries - cloudberries grow, a bilberry, a cowberry, a cranberry have remained. Our republic is the leader in preparation of wild-growing berries in Russia.
These berries first of all are processed at factory. Tart tastes of a cowberry, sourish - cranberries, sweet - bilberries, fragrant - cloudberries here the basic tastes of the Industrial company «Berry of Kareliya». Our corner of the world annually gives also a crop of garden berries - currants, raspberries, a gooseberry. Fruits also are processed at factory - first of all these are apples, pears, apricots, peaches. 

The advanced European equipment established at factory allows keeping all the most useful qualities of fruits and berries. Also at the factory there are produced the natural high-quality fruit-berry fillers, which enterprises of the food-processing industry use for manufacture of ice-cream, yogurts, confectionery, juice. And here for gourmets you can find- tasty jam and confitures.
Factory production can be packaged in different containers from 20 to 100 grams especially for transport agencies, bars, cafe and hotels.
Completely natural production and unique natural tastes are good both for tea, in yogurt, and in a fragrant cookie!