Zoo TV is the channel for those who is interested in wildlife, who loves animals and is eager to find out something new about our neighbours on the planet.
• Zoo TV means non-stop fun stories about wildlife organisation.
• Apart from producing own programs Zoo TV cooperates directly with Russian TV studios as well as with foreign TV companies, that enables to acquire the best documental TV programs from world famous producers: ВВС, M5, TVF, NHK.
• We broadcast programs dubbed by our experts in the own dubbing area, and our viewers are the first in Russia to watch unique shots from the life of animals.
- documentaries and series about wildlife and pets
- visiting zoos of the world
- researches of Russian and foreign scientists
- cognitive TV programs about inventions in zoology
- game and reality shows about animals
- astonishing facts about animals from all over the world
Uniqueness :
- Partners of the channel – world famous producers of wildlife content: ВВС, M5, TVF, NHK
- Exclusive nationwide projects due to the own dubbing, editing and production studio


Live Journal (10 programs 13 min. each one)  
The main character is a little random bred puppy who grows right in front of the eyes of our audience. In our “LJ” you’ll find funny and tragic stories, useful information, curious observations, practical advises.
Dog’s business (20 programs 26 min. each one)
The program will teach you to distinguish breeds, will tell how to bring up puppies, to find an approach to dogs with complex behavior habits, weak health and unusual appearance.
Cat’s alphabet (27 programs 26 min. each one)
Famous cat breeds from A to Z, most entertaining and useful information on their life, habits, treatment specifics. Everything that is necessary to know for comfortable and peaceful life together.
Zoo academy (90 programs 26 min. each one)
We invite to the studio veterinaries, dog handlers and breeders and other experts as well as pet owners with their favorite creatures. The program provides an opportunity to know a lot of new and interesting things about pets.


Web zoo
In association with the portal on a weekly basis we choose the funniest clips with animals.