Bespalov Sergey

Skijoring (2 dogs) 440km. St. Petersburg, Russia.

When the Alaskan malamute Yukon came into Sergey’s family the sport life began. Yukon was taken as a companion for a sport family. A little bit later the female metis Yuta appeared in Sergey’s family. He saved Yuta from street homeless life. Sergey works as industrial climber, he has higher technical education.

Together with his wife they are addicted to rock climbing and multisport! They participate in different competitions. For example, the race such as "RedFox" in Kandalaksha (240 km in 44 hours - trekking, kayaks and bicycles in different variations), where Sergey has won the first place. Sergey and his wife visited the Caucasus, Altai, and took part in winter ski trips at Hibinah and the Ural. They grow up two-years old daughter who is already a musher!

Because of the young age of their dogs (2,5 years and 2 year, respectively), their first full sleddog season they began in 2010-2011. In 2010, Sergey and Yuta won the first race KALEVALA, and also participated and won in unofficial competitions in St. Petersburg.
Sergey participated in the Russian Championship 2011 in class skijoring, as well as in North Hope 2011 and "KALEVALA 2011" respectively. In North Hope 2011 he took the first prize in skijoring. In “KALEVALA 2011” he took the first prize passing the distance of 71 km in 06 hours 26 min.
Sergey wants to make his own dog team and of course he wants to continue to participate in different Sleddog Races.