Vadimas Buchvalovas

Dogsleds (6-8 dogs) 440 km. Lithuania.

My First Siberian husky appeared in our family in 2005 and our life completely changed.
The world of sleddog sport waited for us and already in 2007 we had 8 Siberian huskies.
That was the reason why we moved to the country. 
Knowing deeper the sleddog races, I met the wonderful dogs – Alaskan huskies.
Nowadays we have 21 dogs. 19 of them are sleddog metises and Alaskan huskies, daughter’s dog - Russian toy terrier and my wife’s dog - Australian Shepherd.
Since 2007 Vadim is the participant and the winner of sprint-races in Baltics, and also in White Nights Race in Russia.
Also in 2009-2010 Vadim worked as a handler at the famous long distance Italian musher Fabrizio Lovati.
The years 2011-2012 I call the debut for me. It will be my first time when I will take part in mid-distance race "KALEVALA".
Aurora Polaris– it’s the name of our kennel and the sleddog team.
All year round we work in adventure tourism, using our dogs. We propose dog tracking, sleddog tours and excursions for children and adults.
My dream it’s the dream of all mushers – to cover the distance of IDITAROD.

But of course before IDITAROD I’ll take part in such races as Amundsen race, Femundlopet, Finmarkslopet, and of course , "KALEVALA".