Dogsleds (6-8 dogs) 440 km. Kreuzau, Germany.

After doing a lot of motor-racing in the past, I have started with sleddogs in 2003.
First I got two dogs from the rescue and did Bikejцring and scooter.
Later I changed to team-classes with 4 dogs and then 6 dogs.
At that time I began to go for Mid-Distance races and longer ones.
Now my team consists mainly of dogs I received from Norway and Sweden.
In 2010 I had my first own litter, but the two bosy are still too young for racing.
I have chosen to apply for Kalevala, because I want to experience mushing in different countries.
I hope it will be a great experience - and that the dogs will make it.
Training this season was difficult due to bad weather conditions. I will be there to join and to enjoy.
I hope to meet nice people in Karelia!