Ekaterina Kralina

Skijoring (1-2 dogs), 23 km. Kostomuksha, Republic of Karelia
In spite of Ekaterina was born in Leningrad region, she believes that her Motherland is North Karelia. She lives here since 1984 when she moved here with her parents. It’s almost impossible for her to move somewhere else after these forests, lakes and all this perfect nature.
Ekaterina works as HR manager, she is married and she has 2 beautiful children (boy and girl).
All her free time she tries to spend with her family.
During all her life Ekaterina was connecting with the dogs. And in 2010 a little puppy of Alaskan malamute was taken by Katerina to her house. She called him Ermak. This dog loves Ekaterina’s children, respects her husband and allows to do with him everything she wants.
Ekaterina did not like sport seriously but when she began to train herself and her dog first of all she thought about active lifestyle. She doesn’t dream to take the first places in Races but she wants to have an active dog and to make him to understand what she wants from him if he is wearing a harness.
“Unfortunately we do not have a wise coach. I read a lot of books by myself but I need someone who can share a great experience with me
Her first Race was «Double Dream» (2012) in North Karelia. Unfortunately she decided to left the distance because Ermak did not know what to do when he saw such a lot of people and dogs.
Ekaterina wants to try 23km in Kalevala. Of course it’s not a lot but it will be a great experience too!