Machtina Elena

Dogsled (6-8 dogs) 440km. Moscow.
Since 2007 Elena works as cynologist – instructor at "Club Adventure" of Dmitry and Matvey Shparo. We can call Elena “The queen of Taiga”. Why? Because She is the most important man in the lives of the dogs who live in the Karelian kennel “Big Adventure”. She always takes care about these dogs, always fins the free time to play with each of them. Elena likes to work, she never searches excuses such as “the bad weather and I don’t want to work’. The "Owner of the taiga" is always beautiful and feminine, despite the snow and blizzard, forest and harsh conditions.
Her dogs: Hermes, Lexus, Marla, Lora, Fugas, Ellada, Blondie, Mouse.