Ribakova Julia

Skijoring (2 dogs) 440km. Moscow.
Julia is a director, coach and teacher of the Moscow Children's Travel Club.
She is not an athlete, maybe tourist ... She went skiing before by classic way, slowly sinking into the snow and with a heavy backpack. She just began to try a free style.
She began to like a sleddog sport since 2008 with a dog of unknown origin named Squirrel, with the first harness from Rinat Khabibulin and trainings with Valery Shumilovskii.
A first sports experience came with a trip to the Arkhangelsk region with the project "Simply Good Business".
Today every member of family of Julia likes sleddog sport. Her husband and daughter take part in dryland, and in winter Julia herself goes skiing and trains her dogs. She began to understand that 2 dogs for all family that’s not enough.
Julia took part in several races at sprint distances in the class team 2 dogs. It quickly became boring ...All day you catch a cold and you are on the track only 20 minutes.
A middle distance races in the class Skijoring, it is quite another, it's like, "trip", but on prepared tracks!
- I'd like to go the full distance of «KALEVALA 2012" - 440 km, and, if not all, at least half of ...
Her team: metis Squirrel and Siberian Husky Avatar.
Julia is also actively involved in preparations for the International Forum on Canistherapy, which will take place in the race March 14, 2012.