Talanova Natalya

  Dogsled (4 dogs) Race-Prologue 23 km. Moscow.
Natalya is the young musher. Her history of the Sleddog Sport began when she bought the Siberian husky Kassandra. This blue-eyed wonder was a real hurricane. It destroyed a half of our flat. Agility did not help, that’s why we came to Sleddog Sport. We decided to try a bikejoring but at the beginning we could not understand how we can work together. The time passed and now we are the best friends. But a little bit later I realized that one dog that’s not enough for me and now I have a real team of 4 dogs to pass middle distances. We participate in Dryland ‘RIFUS’ in 2 dogs class, The Race “Peresvet” 2010 ( 2 dogs class), Dryland in Stupino and in the Belarusian Race “Zavirukha” 2011 (3-4 dogs class) etc..
Now I want to try 1-2 mid-distances as the test of what I can.
Hope that “KALEVALA 2012” gives me a great experience, improvement of mutual understanding with my dogs and of course positive emotions. I don’t know what to wait in the future but I have an aim and that’s enough to do my best.

Her team: Busya, Misha, Kasya, Krosha.