Turenkov Konstantin

Skijoring (2 dogs) 440 km. Moscow, Russia.
Konstantin began to like sleddog sport because of the same reason as many others. In year 2000 the Siberian Husky Zeus appeared in his house. And the honeymoon with sleddog sport began…
Already in the year 2011 Konstantin with Zeus took part in Russian Championship, where they passed their first distance.
In 2005 after Championship of Europe in Czech Republic the European sled dog came into a house of Konstantin. Its name is Kin. They became absolute champions in skijoring for long years…
Kin and Konstantin are the winners of all Russian sprint championships and competitions.
Konstantin is the military man, the Major of Armed forces of the Russian Federation.
It will be the first time, when he will take part in a Race with such a long distance. Kin (European sled dog) and Gunde Swan (Norwegian metis) will help him.