Press release

The 3rd International SledDog Race «KALEVALA 2012» on 440 km

Russia, Republic of Karelia, Kalevala National Region, Kalevala.
March 09-16, 2012
  • Travel Company «Welt-Karelia trips», township Kalevala, Republic of Karelia
Supported by:
  • Administration of the municipal district of Kalevala,
  • Administration of township Kalevala,
  • Karelian Federation of Sleddog Sport.
Itinerary of the race:
Total distance 440 km.
  • Route number 1 - 100 km.
  • Route number 2 - 142 km. Drivers pass this route for 2 days. Spending the night in the village Haikola;
  • Route number 3 - 198 km. Drivers pass this route for 3 days. Spending the night in the village Voinica and farm Hiame.
Trails pass in the historical places, connected with creation of the epic «Kalevala», with a cultural and historical heritage of northern Karelia: township Kalevala, village Voinica, villageHaikola, farm Hiame, etc.

Breeds of dogs of the participants:
Any breed.
  • Skijoring (competitor + 1 or 2 dogs)
  • Dogsleds (6-8 dogs)
Goals and Objectives of the race «KALEVALA 2012»:
  • Propaganda of sport, promotion of the interest in physical education and healthy lifestyle;
  • Promotion of winter sport;
  • Identification of the strongest athletes;
  • Creation and maintenance of the prepared tracks for winter kinds of mass sport, forming on their basis the training centers;
  • Attraction of the international attention and strengthening of a role of the Russian sport on the threshold of the Olympic games of 2014;
  • Growth of frontier cooperation in the field of sports and international contacts in Sleddog sport.
  • Formation of positive image of Kalevala national region and Karelia in general;
  • The development and improvementof tourism infrastructurein the Kalevala national region;
  • Attracting public attention, including international, in the process of revival and preservation of the unique national culture of North Karelia and the natural potential of the Russian North.
Competitions are submitted to the rules of the International Federation of Sleddog Sport (IFSS) and to Race Rules «KALEVALA 2012».   

Uniqueness of the race:
  1. Annua lmulti-stage race since 2010.
  2. Prepared trailson 440 km are concentrated in one place. There are no similar trails in Russia. All trails are prepared by snowcat and snowmobileattachmentsand markedaccording tointernational requirements.
  3. Race«KALEVALA» is the only one racewith such length in the European part of Russia.
  4. The proximity of border with Europe allows competitions to support the status of the international.
  5. Race Marshall (The Chief Judge) – Terry Hinesly (USA). During last 6 years he is a Race Marshall of the world famous race «IDITAROD» (USA, Alaska).
Educational aspect of the race:
The township Kalevala is considered as a native land of world famous Karelian-Finnish epic «Kalevala». The richest material of national creativity which has been collected here by Finnish scientist E.Lönnrot in 19 century.
According to conditions of the race,each competitor must take with him/her self the printing edition of national creativity of the country, region or a nationality which he/she represents. After finishing this difficult route drivers will present his/her nation’s book to a museum in the township that preserves the spirit of the great rune singers of the Karelian and Finnish epic «Kalevala».
Social aspect of the race.
During the time of the race there will be the Forum on canistherapy («canis» — a dog). Canistherapy is a dog therapy. It is one of the most demanded type of animal therapy because of the availability and social behavior of animals.
Therapy is applied as an auxiliary psychotherapeutic technique at work with patients who hard go on contact. It helps to develop emotional and mental facilities, and also motor functions.Canistherapy is applied to improve the health of children who are sick of autism, Down syndrome, a cerebral palsies, mental retardation. As a result the coordination of movements and memory improve and spasticity decreases. Canistherapy is the most developed type of rehabilitation today. Many experts are invited to the Forum from Russia and many other countries.
The Race «Kalevala 2012» is the biggest and very important sport event in Karelia. A lot of fans from Russia and other countries such as Finland, USA, Canada etc. where the SledDog Sport is very popular were interested in sport competitions in 2011. There is an official site of the Race in 2 languages During the race it will be possible to see online the results of each stage and intermediate rates.
Contact Information 
Representatives of the Organizing Committee of the race:

Sovetskaya str.28A, 186910, Kalevala
Republic of Karelia, Russia
tel: + 7 (81454) 42377, 42129
cell: +7 921-604-57-18