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Competition results
21 march 2013
Announced the results of the competition "the main analyst of the race KALEVALA 2013
Valeriy Shumilovskiy. A look inside.
3 december 2012
Story-report "A look inside" from the Race Judge "KALEVALA 2012" Valeriy Shumilovskiy
Vita Chernaya. Everyone has enough power to do it!
10 october 2012
"Brave man is not the one who is not afraid. Brave man is the one who is afraid, but does."
Arseniy Belorusec. How I didn’t pass "KALEVALA 2012"
10 september 2012
It passed already half a year from the moment when I participated in KALEVALA 2012. During this time I already forget something, but the main impressions I keep in my heart. I'm writing this, based on the records I’ve made ​​immediately after the race for myself and for my team, but let me make some adjustments, because the aim of this text is not an analysis through each of the stages, but just the story of how it was
Denis Bukshin. My 100 km…
1 august 2012
Vyacheslav Demchenko. My impressions of KALEVALA Race
17 july 2012
It's been several months since SledDog Race ‘KALEVALA 2012’ passed. But I still remember the feelings about how it was. And only because of these emotions I'm ready to go every year at races like ‘KALEVALA’. Because of these 7 amazing days I had to work hard, trained my dogs, trained myself…
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