Bakuneva Maria

Moscow region, Russia
Dogsleds (6-8 dogs) 440 km

Maria entered in sleddog sport 8 years ago.
Now she has her own kennel of Siberian huskies "From Varangians". There are 10 dogs.
The Siberian Huskie Borja starting in her team was trained Search and rescue service and is engaged in searches of people under blockages. Maria prepares dogs for middle distances.
With the dogs’ team Maria took part in such races as "Yakut-trail" in 2008, "North Hope" 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Maria has a formation of sea biologist, also she is fond of a car racing, tourism and diving.

Her team: Ellis Lis Manhem Skoggins Boon, Triumph-Aligel Bara, Paris from the Blue Star, Askold, Altair, Alvbrand from Varangians, Balto the White Wind, Bet the White Blizzard, Snow Shade Escada of Wild Wind.