Sergey Bespalov

St. Petersburg, Russia
Skijoring (2 dogs) 440 km
I’m involved in Sleddog Sport for 5 years. Everything began with the appearance of Alaskan malamute in our family. Little bit later I began to participate in Races with half-breed - Yuta and Apik. And we had not bad results.
In 2010, Sergey and Yuta won the first race KALEVALA, and also participated and won in unofficial competitions in St. Petersburg.
In 2011 Sergey won in ‘North Hope’ Race as in in “KALEVALA 2011” passing the distance of 71 km in 06 hours 26 min.

In 2012 Sergey participated in “Land of Sampo’, St-Perersburg Championship ( second place with Apik), and of course in KALEVALA 2012, taking the first place, passing the distance of 440km in 28 hours 57 min.
This year, our dogs have puppies - our band has increased.
I think the margin of victory is the intensive trainings in the winter season ("raid" of last season was 2,500 km, of which only 500 - in competition), gentle attitude to dogs in the off season and in the summer, and special attention to the health and fitness of dogs all year round.
In addition to participation in the races
we organize our own competitions 2 times a year "Dog Triathlon." Sergey works as industrial climber, he has higher technical education. Also he is addicted to rock climbing and multisport! Four-year daughter is growing up, who is already in love with SledDog Sport.