Bragin Mikhail

Podolsk, Moscow region, Russia
Dogsleds (6-8 dogs) 440 km

The man, who was the father of Sleddog sports in Russia. Beginning with the Siberian Huskies and continuing with Alaskan Huskies, he took from each breed invaluable experience and skills of understanding the dogs on the difficult road towards a common goal. Today Mikhail owns a kennel of Alaskan huskies, whose dogs successfully perform in both sprint and mid races.
Mikhail is married. In the family of Mikhail grow two sons, who help, support, and are the followers of their father. Also they are successful at competitions in Sleddog sports. Thanks to the active support of the spouse, all of the successes in Sleddog sports of Mikhail Bragin can be considered as a familial achievement. One of the most interesting pets in the house of Bragin - talking black crow. Michael himself is professionally engaged in ornithology. He works in Moscow zoo.
The opinion of Mikhail is very important to all drivers in Russia, and considers it an honor to ask him for advice.
Michael can be considered as a weather forecaster in Sleddog sports and his predictions do not differ from what is happening.
He was the 4th in "KALEVALA 2011" and he passed the distance (338km) in 30 hours and 14 minutes.He was the 4th in "KALEVALA 2012" and he passed the distance (440km) in 31 hours and 52 minutes.

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