Chizhkov Yuriy

Arkhangelsk region, Russia
Skijoring (2 dogs) 440 km
Since my childhood I adore sport! I tried myself in different sport styles, but I chose the track and field athletics. I began to participate in various competitions, achieved some success, and then an adult life began. I started to work and sport as it faded into the background.
Acquainted with my girlfriend, we wanted to have a dog. Our choices affect the film "Eight Below," and of course we wanted a dog of Siberian Husky breed.
We soon bought a wonderful puppy girl born 11.11.11. As our puppy got older, I realized that it is necessary to remember the old. After visiting a couple of seminars about Sleddog Sport and get to know the guys in the St. Petersburg from the club "Ugoria", I started to train with my dog. As in our city this sport is not developed, I have search online different events and Races.
And at the beginning of the season of 2013 I signed up for a few of them and I think we will show not bad results, so for "KALEVALA" we'll be ready for 100% and I and my girl Luna compose nice competition. I try to promote Sleddog Sport in our town as I can, and I hope when the winter comes there will be.