Demin Ilya

Irkutsk region, Russia, Russia
Skijoring (1-2 dogs) 23 km
I got my lucky ticket to mushing 4 years ago from Oleg Turumin, when I started to learn in his “Musher's School”. For 3 years I’ve been participating in Irkutsk competition, promoted by Baikal Mushing Center.
With my first dog – Arven, halfreed of Finnish Spitz and Samoyed – we took part in local competitions, hiked at Baikal Lake. Last year I got one more dog – Yakutian laika Aragorn. Aragorn started his sledding career with the 25 km sledding at the river Slyudianka in Hamar-Daban. Now Arven and Aragorn are a united, cheerful and blustery pair.
Have a 1st skill-category in orienteering.
In March 2008 took part in the ice camping of schoolchildren of Irutsk region on a route B. Goloustnoye – Slyudianka on Baikal, total distance of 130 km.
In 2010 together with the Kolmakov’s team during the camping in Hamar-Daban, hiking on Bosan we met a bear with bear-cubs. Fortunately, they didn’t pay much of attention to us.
In 2011 with the same team we crossed Hama-Daban from Murino to Bayangol, looking for the pre-revolutionary Igumen’s mail path.