Karl Habermann

Rosenau, Germany
Dogsleds (6-8 dogs) 440 km
In 1989 we bought our first 3 Siberian huskies. Every year we have more and more dogs.
In 1994 we flew to Kamchatka and I took part in the Beringia race. It was a very nice race. Then we got the first Alaskan husky. In 1995 I took part in the Trans-Thüringia. In 1998 the Scandream,600 km to tne North Pole from Finland. Furthermore I took part in the Alpirace, several times in the Alpentrail, Borderrush and since 2005 yearly in the Pirena.
I am married for 31 years with Liana, we have 3 adult children and two grandchildren.
I am independent, for 13 years I lead a dog pension and as a part-time job I fell trees.
I have read the report of Michael Hess in our technical periodical. I have liked it and, therefore, I decided to come and participate in KALEVALA 2013.