Smykov Igor

Krasnodar region, Russia
Skijoring (1-2 dogs) 100 km

I'm not a musher, I’m a tourist. We are going to the KALEVALA race not to win the prize but for the new experience, to watch the real race as the insiders. There is no snow in Krasnodar, we’re training in mountains. The super-task for us in the race is to overcome the distance, but I don’t have any sport ambitions. I got my first husky in 2012, and since then Glenchik (Snow Shade Glen) has become my staunch companion and ally. Last summer our pack was enlarged by Siberian Husky Nikon, who is a wonderful dog, but he’s not participating, he’s too young. We’re preparing, a little agitated, waiting for the spring to go into the winter