Stolyarov Alexander

Kudama, Karelia, Russia
Dogsleds (6-8 dogs) 440 km
Is doing a mushing sport in a dogsleds discipline. Up to the beginning of the racing career he has had an experience in sport and a 1 skill-category in skiing. He has raised and currently is training his own sports team of dogs. They’ve been competing since 2011, and won in races: 
- International race D-DREAM 2011
- International race “Across the Sampo Land” (Russian Championship of Russian Canine Federation) 2012
- Open SPb Championship 2012
- Kukisvaar 2012
- Dryland Stage of Baltic Cup in SPb 2011 and 2012
He became a prize-winner at the Championship of Finland in 2012
Second place of the race BorderRush-2013
Second place at the World Cup stage “Across the Sampo Land”

Alexander is not only an advanced musher, but also рe possesses the ability of  training the dogs. This makes him a generalist in this kind of sports, who’s able not only to built the training process by himself, but also to train dogs for other members of the select team, training in Kudama sports center. 
Currently he is training in a Sports Center “Kudama” with a trainer Stolyarov N.D.