Suhotin Denis

Kaliningrad, Russia
Dogsleds (6-8 dogs) 440 km

I like sleddog sport since 2010. It happens when my Siberian husky Icy appeared in my family. Getting to know the owners of the other dogs, and a gradual understanding features of the breed led to the idea to try to collect a harness. Gradually, we have formed a team of real friends, lovers of healthy outdoor activities, and of course these wonderful dogs. We train our team for the second season, and despite the fact that all the dogs are in the care of different owners - this is a real team. Last year we went to the sprint-races to Belarus, and our team of 4 dogs won first place. This year we decided to try the real adventures, we always wanted to take part in long distance Race.

All our team for “KALEVALA 2013”: Icy, Hector, Game, Archie, Troya, Dante, Ajax, Hunt, Izyum, Noks, Sopha.