Natalia Talanova

Moscow region, Russia
Dogsleds (6 dogs) 100 km

We are a young, newcomer team, and all our life is connected with Siberian Huskies. It all started with the purchase of the first dog - Cassandra.
Realizing that education with standard methods, such as OCD and agility, do not give any results. We decided to go the other way, starting with the first bike and 1, 2, 4, and then the team 6 and 8 dogs.
At some point we realized that to have only one dog it’s not enough, and that’s why our kennel of Siberian huskies appeared. To maintain good physical shape of ourselves and our dogs, we have collected a full team of 6 Siberian Huskies, aimed at medium distance. We have very good results in several sprint races: the debut began with Dryland SC "Rifus" with 2 dogs, Relight 2010 (team D-class), Dryland Stupino, the debut race in Belarus - Zavirukha 2011 (team C-Class), Vorontsovo 2011 (team B-Class), Kalevala 2012 (23km). We are not sportsmen; the main task for us is the psychological and physical health of the dogs, mutual understanding and mutual assistance in difficult situations.
We checked our forces at KALEVALA 2012. It was the passage of 23 km. It was hard, but we passed this distance. After working for our mistakes, this year we plan to walk 100 km, as our team was supplemented by two grown up girls of our kennel - Debi and Daki.
We wait "KALEVALA 2013" first of all to gain experience, improve mutual understanding with our  ogs and of course positive emotions. I want very much to see the people with whom we became friends last year.
My team is: Busia, Misha, Kasia, Krosha, Debi, Dhaka.