Udo Trummer

Mödling nearby Vienna, Austria
Skijöring (2 dogs) 440 km

Since 1990 I am accompanied by sleddogs. Kalinka, a Siberian Husky, was the first who shared my revived outdoorlife in the forests and mountains, one year later Elchak, an Alaskan Husky, too. Before I could not imagine to sleep in the snow, now it is my favourite time to do it! With them I also discovered very special joys of winter, you all know what I mean. Both of them were confident personalities with leader qualities, so I could drive my two mentors in teams too. This was the entrance to the mushing world but the main activities were mountain adventures on skiers or snowshoes, the dogs with backpacks or in front of a pulka. In the summertime we walked, if it was not too hot. Our activities around the year we first did only for ourselves and later also with clients.
After four years without dogs I started with Sannerk (mother Siberian Husky and father very propably a Greenlanddog) to take part in mid and long distance events like Dogtrekkings and Longtrails in 2009. Born in an animal shelter, his pregnant mother was found leashed beside a waste collection place, he and his siblings had the luck to grow up in a Huskypack of friends.
2010 we started the first time in Šediváckuv long, the Czech Longtrail, as a skijoring team. The next year we also had Sheyenne with us, a Siberian Husky out of a pack earning money with tourists and events. She is a very friendly dog and was the only available dog in Sannerk´s age in autumn 2012, but upon her insecurity we later assumed an unpleasant past. She also was not the good sleddog, like she was offered. Sannerk acts never rude to her, but she was nearly ignored by him. With patience and single training in front of a rolling pulka in the beginning we could finish the Šediváckuv long 2012 in the Tour category alltogether. We started as a pulka team and finished as a skijoring team after the pulka was destroyed. At home again during an unleashed walk Sheyenne ran some meters in a wrong direction and was brought back by Sannerk´s howling. He really ran to her and howled like he usually welcomes us humans. That was a great moment, because since that time she is accepted totally by him. She would be a wonderful family dog beeing stroked all the day, but she is also running with us and for me. With Иeskou Kanadou (MD) and Innerkrems-LT (Tour) we finished the last season.
Kalevala 2012 was not possible for us, so Kalevala 2013 is our goal since 2011! Then my dream of running with my dogs under the aurora borealis can come true – and if not, then at least I will be back to Karelia and according to all I read it seems to be a fine event with nice people!