Zorin Sergey

Moscow region, Russia
Dogsleds (4 dogs) 23 km

3 years ago, and had no idea about the existence of such breed as the Siberian husky. Also I did not realize that dogs are able to change the very well-established life in Moscow. Two years ago, I came to stay with Donna Bella (this is my first dog) to my father to the country, and… I stayed there. Now I have eight dogs.  Well, almost eight. A year after the purchase of my first dog, I realized that I need another one. One day I met  wonderful person, musher, owner of kennel "Song of the North" Alena Lavrova. Later she gave me the opportunity to become the owner of a gorgeous, beautiful, intelligent dog named Donna Kitri, which later gave me six wonderful puppies, from which one I’ll keep, and the rest will try to choose a worthy "mums and dads"!
When I moved from Moscow to Moscow region you can imagine that there was nothing to do. And that was a great opportunity for me to meet people who added to homeless dogs. And one day  I was invited to the training, and what was my surprise, it turns out that sport happens with pets, and that was the start of my sleddog life.  At the moment, in my account there are no major competitions, no victories in sleddog sports. But for me this sport is a romance! Romance with a capital letter!
I am very happy that fate has connected me with this breed, with these people - "those suffering" for "damn business!"
Great to have such friends and competitors in the sport in one person! :)