Demchenko Vyacheslav

Moscow, Russia
Dogsleds (6-8 dogs) 440 km

Director and Lead Trainer of sports school for children "Northern".
Like many of the participants, Vyacheslav began his career with the Siberian Husky breed but gradually switched to a more rapid dogs. Currently Vyacheslav owns the kennel of Alaskan Huskies.
Vyacheslav is in the sleddogs sports more than 5 years, he is multiple winner and member of sprint and mid-races in Russia, permanent participant of the race "Northern Hope".
Vyacheslav is a lawyer. There are five children in the Vyacheslav's family, who are also actively associated with sleddogs sports and healthy lifestyle. Vyacheslav enjoys extreme activities: flying the glider, parachute, spent many years in martial arts and throwing knives.
Now his main project is sports school for children "Northern", where particular attention is paid to the development of sleddogs sport for children and their parents. Children and parents together learn difficult science of partnership with the dog. Also in the "Northern" are different lessons about training the dogs, agility, search and rescue service. Thus, anyone who comes to the "Northern", can optionally pass with its dog full "education course". Members of the "Northern" participate in sports and recreational activities of urban and regional scale, popularizing sleddogs sport with dogs of any breed.
He came the 2nd in "KALEVALA 2011" and he passed 338 km in 26 hours and 6 minutes.
The silver medalist of Kalevala 2012, covered 440 km in 28 hours 16 minutes. In 2013 he covered 440 km in 23 hours 32 minutes and took the 5th place. Following the results of 2012 and 2013 , considers Jussi Pietikainen as his main competitor