Roman Habasko

Podborany, Czech Republic
Dogsleds (6-8 dogs) 440 km

Sleddog sport came into our family in 1996. At the beginning I liked sprint Races, but in the last ten years, all the work and training of the dogs are focused at mid-races long-races held in the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia.

We live in the West of Czech Republic near the mountains, and we have our training there too. My goal is not to win; my goal is always to reach the finish line with the dogs.
I have devoted all my time to my dogs, it’s my life. Today in our kennel we have 16 dogs, 11 Siberian huskies and 5 Collies.
Regularly I take part in the races «Ironnsleddogmen», Borderrush, Šediváèkùv, ME FISTC.

Will participate in KALEVALA race for the second time.
In 2013 he covered the distance of 440 km in 25 hours 42 minutes and took the 6th place from 13 participants in Sleds discipline