Your tender care and our leading scientific breakthrough we are aspiring to achieve the long life and keep health of your dog.
Using over 80 years of experience of scientific researchers of PURINA company, our team of 350 veterinarians and nutritionists is extending boundaries of scientific knowledge and directing progress in nutritional science.
Innovative foods PRO PLAN® are entertaining the up-to-date march in nutritional science for protecting your dog’s health for years to come. 

For overweight dogs.
Was developed to help adult dogs with overweight to achieve the normal body condition and to support a normal heart and joint mobility.
Pro Plan for dogs with sensitive digestion:

PRO PLAN PUPPY for puppies,

PRO PLAN ADULT for adults.

Pro Plan for dogs with sensitive skin. An adapted food for dogs with sensitive skin, which contains

- high nutrient protein
- Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
- Vitamin A, E & C, minerals (zink and copper)


Pro Plan for dogs with special energy needs.

Adapted food for dogs, which are making endurance exercises or any other intensive activity.

Specially developed nutrition for providing the nutrient elements, necessary for energy supplementing with maximum endurance.

Pro Plan for sterilized dogs.
Specially developed nutrition formula helps to reduce body weight of sterilized dogs due to:
Hunger control system.
The system helps to decrease hunger: the high percent of proteins, complex of carbohydrates and fibers help the dogs to have enough sense o fullness after food.
Specially composed nutrition, counting the balance of ingredients for hormonal changes, linked to castration, which allows dogs to keep optimal body condition.
Energy Release System.
The system allows to keep a good body condition due to constantly released energy.