Mikhail Bragin

13 march 2014

How Mikhail Bragin says, he began to do sleddog sport because of strong melancholy, because he wanted to add colors into his life.

We think that this decision was quite expectable because Mikhail loved dogs since childhood and read Jack London’s books lots of times. Nowadays taking care of his dogs takes all of his time not including his family and job. However, Mikhail works in the Moscow Zoo on weekdays and on holiday time he works as an instructor of war-dogs, so he spends all of the time with our little friends.

Mikhail says that he attaches to his pets so much. He regretfully says that the sports career of a dog is short but he continues to take care of elder dogs which can’t take part in competitions. Former champions become the part of a family. There are a few young dogs in aviary because Mikhail has no opportunity to expand the kennel. Now he has 15 dogs.

Michael’s friends and acquaintances think that  he is insane, in fact, they  don’t understand the laboriousness of this process. Even Michael says so because normal people have other  idea of comfort and rest. “Somebody wants to lay on the beach during their holidays, we chase each other on dog sleds” says Mikhail. However, he also quotes French writer Molier: "On the day when no longer be seminormal people, the civilized world will perish, not perish from excess of wisdom and of the abundance of mediocrity."

Currently, Mikhail is in the sleddog sport for 14 years. He is held in respect between colleagues, both beginners and experienced mushers. However, people who have no connection with dog-breeding will get lots of satisfaction from communication with Mikhail.

Every winter he aims to take part in at least 4 competitions. The “KALEVALA” race is in this list since 2011. By the way, in 2010 when the first race “KALVALA” was held, offer to expand the distance from 36 kilometers to 440 belongs to Bragin.

Every time he comes to the race Mikhail don’t lose the desire to win, because “everyone comes to win and each person who heard the “start” command can’t enjoy the fact that he is not the first.