Interview with the Race Marshal Nils Finsrud

15 march 2014

Nils, could you please say a few words about our Race

– I have been at many races around the world. «KALEVALA»  Race really meets the international standards. I find the team very good both organizers and volunteers. The routes are prepared very good, equipped by the reflective signs for the night stages. «KALEVALA» team gives the special attention to check-points and the Race in general. And I`m really happy to be here.

 Could you please give any comments about the weather situation? 

– Almost all of us came from the different  weather conditions, and the mushers have trained their dogs as they are used to. And we know what kind of weather is usually here, in Kalevala at this period of time. But winter of this year is warm and snowy. And the «KALEVALA» team was really doing their best to make the route. But due to the weather and ice conditions we had to change the route and the organizers were really trying to do their best.

 What do you think about the work of the equipment?

– I have seen from the very beginning how the special equipment was working. Yesterday, for example, it was snowing, today is melting and ice appeared on the lake, but  the  organizing team was reacting very fast and right. And all, the team and equipment were working  to prepare the new trails with the help of the special re-track machine.   

 How can you evaluate the organization team work in force majeure weather condition? 

– All the routs were perfectly prepared, but the weather made us to changes to the plans. The organizers objectively evaluated the situation and they were doing all they could and should for the mushers and dogs. Especially for  the dogs, because they are very important in the Race. The dogs should be healthy. And I should say, the «KALEVALA» team have done their best in force majeure weather conditions.