16 march 2014

The 5th International Kalevala Sled dog Race

The 5th International Kalevala Sled dog Race was held 8th to 16th of March 2014.
20 participants, from 4 countries had sign up for the race.
The weather conditions were not on the organizers side, and caused a lot of problems with the trails planed.
However, the organizers had to plane and organize new trails and did a tremendous work to prepare new trails. The trail crew worked 24/7 to do the best for the competitors.
They presented very good alternatives for very new stages.
The trails on the lakes could not be used and caused a lot of work to find alternatives.
Despite the difficult condition the organizer was able to make a very good race which was a fair competition for all.
We will thank the organizers, volunteers, vets, the dogs and the mushers for a job well done.
Kalevala 16th of March 2014



Nils H. Finsrud                                              Olafs Kludzins

Race Marshal                                                 Assistant of  Race Marshal