“Pink Slipper” Revelation of Olga Pavlinskaya

15 march 2014

During the online broadcasting among the ordinary tracking indicators if mushers and ski-jers  there was the one very different – a pink slipper. It was the tracking of Olga Pavlinskaya, the only woman at the race who was participating in the 440 km distance competition.

Olga has been following up the Kalevala Race for a while. Last year she came to see the race with her friends. She confessed, that she never thought to be a participant because of the extreme weather conditions.

“I thought  - why should I torture my dogs and myself?” – she says, - “but this winter I’ve trained with one man, who taught me a lot. So I realized that I can make a longer distances”.

Skijoring, bikejoring, scooter – Olga was competing in each of these disciplines, and soon she will add sleds to this list. This year Olga started with World Championship in Italy, in bikejoring competition. There she saw Nils Finsrud for the first time.

Olga says, she constantly competes with men: “I’m sure, that many women underestimate themselves, and sometimes behave like a porcelain figurines. I treat men and women equally. Yes, maybe men are slightly stronger and more tough. But in general it’s the problem of a temper. If you set yourself a challenge – you will achieve.”

Olga is absolutely ok alone among men. Many of them she’s been knowing for a long time – like Viatcheslav Demchenko and Michail Bragin. As she says, she feels the support from men, and, sometimes, hard eyes.

During all the “KALEVALA”  2014 race  Olga was keeping the 3rd place. But unfortunately, at the last stage, she broke the ski and lost a precious time. But it’s worth saying, that even after she lost just 1 position, and took the 4th place.