Evgeniy and Roman Valeev

15 march 2014

There are many interesting sportsmen at Kalevala Race and many of them attract the audience.  But there are 2 participants,  we’d like to talk about. We mean Evgeniy and Roman Valeev, father and son. 

A father was the first to start mushing. Evgeniy has never thought he would make the dogs his hobby. This wish came from the very deep of his soul.  But he has always loved drive and moving.  He was doing volleyball, basketball, hockey, skiing, swimming and track and field athletics. He also loved the books by Jack London, and therefore dogs. One day he told himself: - “it’s the time!” and everything has gone together in one hobby – mushing.

Roma gladly supported his father’s undertaking, as well as all the family. They just took it as a fact. And they just moved from Tver to Kalevala. as here is the place of the Race and here it’s much easier to grow and train dogs!

Father and son started to do mushing at the same time, in 2008.  It is hard to take care of the dogs all alone, as it’s a lot of work! And one also has to save some time for work and family. But there are 4 boys in Valeev family, so the work is succeeding well. 

Evgeniy says, he fell in love with mushing after the very first competition. There’s everything in it – sport, adventures, drive and romance. It’s impossible to stop doing this. Now there are 23 Alaska husky in Valeev’s kennel. Evgeniy has participated in Kalevala Race 4 times already, but it’s more complicated with Roman. He wanted to try competing long ago but  he was allowed to compete only this year.  According to the race rules a person under 18 y.o. is not allowed to compete, so Terry Hinsley, well-known in Russia Race Marshall  told Roma: “Just wait for your time!” But Roma didn’t really follow the advice and has competed in another races since he was 15.

The question about competition between them suprises the sportsmen, as they’re sure that kennels are competing, not mushers. When you train the dogs together with the same methods, competing makes no sense. Well, Valeev family is very friendly to all the mushers at the Race.

Evgeniy and Roman plan to prepare themselves really well for the next Race, and to be in the top 3. It’s also very probable to see one more participant with the name Valeev at Kalevala Race.