Polish Team meets volunteers.

15 march 2014

Kalevala Race is coming to the end, but the friendship is growing. Everyone who need more communicating has a good chance to have it. Today, on March 15th, volunteers meet the Polish team and a Chief Veterinarian, Jana Vodvarkova, who came from Czech Republic. 

As Jana, Wojciech Sygula and Grzegorz Linda are here for the first time, here were lots of questions from volunteers.  They were curious about everything  - the mushers’ age and education, mushing sport secrets and many other. Maybe volunteers will start mushing after the Race?

Polish sportsmen told about their impressions. Daria Grzybowska, the hadler of Grzegorz Linda, was very surprised by a car, hanging on a tree, along the way to Kalevala. The men said they were surprised by the amount of pretty girls, even though they’ve expected many.

The sportsmen also told about the great work and money that is required in this sport, and how one have to deny himself. For example, Kalevala Race is only the third race out of the country for Woiciecha Sygula and his friends Jacek Sadys and Greta Rogoz. They simply can’t travel more often, as they can’t leave their dogs alone, neither go with them. At the moment a close friend is taking care of the dogs. Also the sportsmen confessed, that they are visiting doctors far more rarely than the vets. Their house is in a scary condition, and there’s not too much time to take care of it – you spend most of the time training.

The volunteers offered their help, and spent some time making plans about coming to Poland or Czech in summer. Jana, Wojciech and Grzegorz tried to persuade the guys come in their country. 

At the end of the meeting the guests thanked the volunteers for their help and cheerful smiles, which have been making everyone happier these days. 

Wojciech Sygula and Grzegorz Linda gave their contacts, so, we hope there will be more meetings like this in the future.