Sitrep about the mushers motion' at the stage 3 (2014 march 13). Distance 60 km.
13 march 2014
In this part we will inform you about mushers' motion at the stage 3. There are 3 communication points on this route: 1) Checkpoint 23 km 2) Turning-ring 30 km 3) Checkpoint 37 km Refresh the page to see up-to-the-minute information! Moscow time!
Salva Luque
12 march 2014
My dogs and I train in the mountains of Spain, and you know, there is much more snow than here in Kalevala now.
12 march 2014
Due to the weather conditions, the KALEVALA team made the changes to the Race program. 13 th of March 2014. Start at 11.00, distance 60 km. The trail of the Race: start at the Korpijarvi lake area, Juvalaksha village, return on the Kujtto lake (face to face) – Juvalaksha village (check –point) - Finish – the Korpijarvi lake area. 14 th of March 2014. Start at 16.00, distance 82 km. Start – Kalevala village, Finish – the Noluti lake. The night stage. 15 th of March 2014. The day of rest. 16 th of March 2014. Start at 7.00, distance 80 km. Start – the Noluti lake, Finish – Kalevala village, airport area.
Report of the chief veterinarian of the race Jana Vodvarkova
11 march 2014
Condition of four-footed athletes today
Vadim Zelenchuk
10 march 2014
It should not go unmentioned that Vadim's desire to take part in the race “KALEVALA” is so big that he was not afraid of the 6 thousand km drive from Irkutsk.
Roman Habasko
10 march 2014
Roman loves the Siberian Husky breed and says that this is a very romantic breed whos fate runs through the history of sleddog sport.
9th of March, the day of the Opening ceremony of the “KALEVALA 2014” sleddog race
9 march 2014
Everyone looked forward to this day and finally it's here – 9th of March, the day of the Opening ceremony of the “KALEVALA 2014” sleddog race. It's the day when mushers run the Prologue-race on 18 km. So much work was done, so much nerves were spent and now it is clear that all of it was not in vain.
Radek Havrda
8 march 2014
Radek came to the “KALEVALA” race to win. He thinks that the trail is perfect and adds the thrill to the race.
Petr Elster
8 march 2014
Now Petr Elster is the favourite in the voting of the “The main analyst of the race” contest. Soon we will see if last year’s champion meet the audience’s expectations, but for now we wish him best of luck in the race.
Wojciech Sygula
8 march 2014
Wojciech has been in this sport for 8 years but despite this “KALEVALA” will only be his third race.
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