The tourist complex "WelT"


The tourist complex is located in 4 km from the center just on the edge of the township Kalevala, in a quiet and sparsely populated township Kormushniemi in pine forest on the shores of Lake Middle Kuytto.

On the territory of the tourist complex there are 5 cottages, a cafe-bar "Hunter Welt", a Russian sauna, barbecues, hammocks, swings, arbor, parking.

Each cottage complex is divided into two parts.

Each cottage complex is divided into two parts. Each room is made for two persons. At your disposal there are single beds, bedside tables, a place for clothes, desk, chairs, television (although only two programs). 
Each room has a shower and toilet.
Extra bed for third person in the room is available on the "Finnish mezzanine"

Steam heating. Hot water - centralized supply.

Cafe "Hunter WelT"
Food complex.

There is a free WIFI working in the building of café.

Russian bath (6 persons)
An outdoor terrace overlooking the lake, spacious lounge, pomyvochnaya, steam room.
Next to the bath stationary grill.