Skijoring, St. Petersburg.
Leonid starts this race with a German shepherd dog Baikal.
He represents the St. Petersburg SFES.
Leonid began to practice riding sport in 2006 with a Malamute dog breed. Within two years, Leonid participated and almost always won in all city events. But unfortunately that Russian Championship in 2008 was the last major competition for his dog. A little bit later the dog was injured, its wound was incompatible with the sport, and it became just a pet.
"... Then German shepherd - Baikal came to me by chance. From its childhood, the dog showed an irresistible, impulsiveness and desire to spend time very actively, but the riding sport was given to it very difficult. Baikal brilliantly performs different exercises, the moderation and protective qualities are on an altitude. Always evident care with which he perceives the information, a crazy devotion.
The problem was that the dog does not see the sense "to do his feet from its master". Any increase of voice is seen as a rebuke for the wrong assignment. Last year was devoted to the development of motivation, strict discipline, by a very soft, correct work with the psyche on a distance. I tried to do everything that gives positive emotions to Baikal. Distance has grown from 500m to 15km. I was very pleased of the result of this year, but here we must take in account many other factors – the work on its technique, nutrition, dog’s diet. I believe that Baikal and I, we have a great potential. The aim for the next years is to fight for the top positions in the sprint races and as much as possible to catch up to the results of the best riders in Russia.
The purpose of participation in the marathon "KALEVALA" 2011 - not to win by any means, but simply pass this distance, to learn more about my dog’s and mine opportunities because we didn’t have competitions on the conditions like these...
Leonid is married and has a 2 years-old son. Photography is his work and hobbies. Leonid has a diploma of a furniture-maker. In his past he worked as interior designer. At his free time he enjoys by working with wood. Leonid regularly plays football and is also a big fan of Zenit.